Styrbart halehjul opp til 50 lbs modellvekt


Hjuldiameter: 44 mm

Total lengde: 280 mm

Høyde: 115 mm

Dimensjon: Ø 6 mm

Vekt: 152 gram

Materiale: Stainless steel

Modellvekt: opp til 50 lbs

Veil. 475,- Ikke medlem: 425,-
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SKU: OH_50lbs_halehjul

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Kvalitets ekstra solid halehjul fra Ohio SS Products Inc.som passer/kan tilpasses de fleste modeller med vekt fra opp.til 50 lbs

Reviewed in the United States:

These are the best "bang for the buck" out there in tailwheels. I have the Haigh style on two large RC airplanes and love them. They are simple, durable, get the tail high up off the ground and are inexpensive. If you're looking for bling, These may not be your product.  If you want a nice looking, well thought out and reasonably priced product that won't cause chest palpitations when you see the price, go Ohio-Superstar.