Produsent: RADIOLINK

Radiolink T8S-BT FHSS 8CH RC Handle TX/RX 2.4GHz

T8S-BT Transmitter Specifications:

Channels: 8ch
Mode: Programmerbar Mode 1 or Mode 2, leveres som mode 2 med throttle på venstre stikke
Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band(2400MHz~2483.5MHz)
Channel Bands width: 400KHz
Spread Spectrum: FHSS
Adjacent Channel rejection: >38dbm
Transmitter Power: <100mW (20dBM
Operating Voltage: 4.2V, innebygget ladbart batteri, lang batteritid
Sensitivity: -104dB
Speed Rate:38kbps
PWM Output: 1.0ms~2.0ms
Control Range: 2000 meters (according to the enviroment)
Size: 16.2*5.7*9.5cm
Weight: 0.142kg

R8EF Receiver Specifications:

Signal output: S-BUS & PPM & PWM
Channel: 8ch
Control Distance: up to 2000 meters in air (according to the enviroment)
Working Voltage: 4.8-10V
Working Current: 19-25mA (input voltage 5V)
Section precision: 4096
Size: 4.8*2.1*1.1cm
Weight: 11g


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Ikke la deg lure av utseende. Dette er ikke noe leketøy, men en hendig kvalitets fullrange 8 kanals radio, anatomisk veldig bra utformet (ligger godt i hendene) og med en rekkevidde på opp til utrolige 2 km. Den er veldig solid laget uten brytere som stikker ut og som kan knekke ved et uhell. Den kommer komplett med 8 kanals mottaker, R8EF, og ladekabel til det innebygde senderbatteriet. Men senderen kan brukes sammen med en rekke andre Radiolink mottakere også. R7FG, R8F, R6FG, R6G og R8FM. Den passer like godt til fly, bil og båt, som droner. Den kan brukes som den kommer rett ut av esken, men har også veldig bra bluetooth programmeringsmuligheter via Android mobiltelefon eller PC. Dette er en moderne radio av topp kvalitet som vil overraske de fleste både når det gjelder kvalitet, ytelse og rekkevidde. Obs! Dette er Bluetooth versjonen som ikke trenger kabel mellom smarttelefon eller PC for å aktivere programmering. Compatible med mottaker type: R8EF, R8FM, R8SM, R8XM, R8FG, R8F, R7FG, R6FG, R6F, R4FGM og R4F.

Package Included:

R8EF receiver x 1
OTG Cable x 1
Spring Accessories x 1
T8S-BT transmitter X 1

T8S-BT 8ch radio controller features:

Excellent Anti-interference: FHSS 67CH pseudo random frequency hopping, anti-interference performance to both same and different frequency bands and stable remote control distance 2000 meters in the air.

8CH: Only 3ms for 8 channels synchronously, support SBUS&PPM&PWM output.

Ergonomics Design: Perfect ergonomics design with the small size and suitable weight and the removable joysticks personalized to player’s hands and make the long flight more pleasant.

USB Charging and Low Consumption: The built-in1S 900mAh lithium battery can be directly charged by computer or mobile charger with a USB cable. Total using time lasts 5 hours long when battery is fully charged.

Data Copy: Only personalize the parameters once and data can be easily copied in quantities to the same model remote controllers.

Low Battery Alarming: When the voltage is less than 3.7V, the green battery indicator will flash with Dee sound as an alarm.

Support Multiple Models and Receivers: Compatible with fixed-wings, gliders, multicopters, RC cars and boats. T8S can use with R6FG,R6F, R7FG, R8EF, R8FM mini receiver.

App Setup and USB Upgrade: Parameters can be easily setup and modified with Android App. USB port design with new functions added and keeps T8S always advanced.

Programmable Mix Control: 5-8CH can be customized of programmable mix control.

Navigation App setting reminds you next step setting, easy to use it even without user manual.

Basic menu, advanced menu and various mix controls can be personalized to channel 6 and above. Flight modes are set with the 3-position switches in the fight controller PIX by default. 

How to charge T8S-BT TX: 

Use the Android USB cable to charge it. 

Radiolink T8S-BT FHSS 8CH RC Handle Transmitter:

There were the large, heavy radio controls, with lots of switches and buttons. But this was before. From now on, the multirotors hold in their hands, and the radio controls also follow a slimming diet. The manufacturer Radiolink offers a new small format 2.4 GHz radio: the T8S. Like its competitors at FrSky or Flysky, it adopts a gamepad look, rather refined. It is based on the same chipset as the FrSky Taranis X9D, but Radiolink ensures that the throughput is 3 times faster, and adopts the same FHSS protocol as the AT9S remote control. It offers 8 channels and a transmission power of 100 mW.

The T8S measures 116.2 x 9.55 x 5.7 cm and weighs 142 grams. It offers 2 joysticks, 4 trim keys, 2 switches with 2 positions and 2 switches with 3 positions. Its integrated, non-removable battery is a 900 mAh Lipo 1S that charges with a microUSB cable for an autonomy of about 5 hours. It is compatible with the receivers R7FG, R8F, R6FG, R6FG, R6G, R8EF and the small R8FM, which weighs 2.5 grams and measures 1.6 x 2.15 x 1 cm, with the support of SBUS and PPM. The pair offers a range of 2 kilometers, according to Radiolink.

On the front panel, there is only one battery status indicator. No screen, therefore, to manage the settings. How do I configure the remote control? The manipulations are based on a smartphone application (only for Android at the moment), with a USB cable connection – Radiolink provides an OTG cable for this. The interface allows basic settings, calibration, but also more advanced mix functions. Updates are possible, via a PC under Windows. The radio is available in mode 2 (gas on the left) and mode 1 (gas on the right), but the manufacturer does not indicate whether the choice of mode can be made freely.