Produsent: RADIOLINK

Radiolink R9DS 2,4 GHz DSSS & FHSS SBUS/PWM mottaker


Signal: SBUS,PWM

Channel: PWM 9 channels, SBUS 10 channels

Working Voltage: 3 -10V

Working Current: 38-45mA(input voltage: 5V)

Section Precision: 4096, 0,25 us per section

Control distance: 3,4 km i air 1,5 km on ground

Compatible telemetry: PRM-01 and PRM-03

Compatible transmitters: AT10II, AT10, AT9S Pro, AT9S, AT9

Size: 42,5x24x14,5 mm

Weight: 14g

Veil. 590,- Ikke medlem: 390,-
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Radiolink R9DS 2.4Ghz 9/10 Channels Receiver Flight Information Transmission RX Works with AT9S/AT9S Pro/AT9/AT10II/AT10



  • Excellent Anti-interference: with DSSS&FHSS pseudo random algorithm to give R9DS with excellent anti-interference ability.


  • 9/10 Channels: Support PWM/SBUS signal output, works with Radiolink AT9/AT9S/AT9S Pro/AT10/AT10II. Please make sure SYSTEM channel seletion is 10ch mode when it works with AT10II 12 channels transmitter, otherwise that will cannot works.

  • Fast Response: High resolution ratio of 4096, the stability of 0.5us, to provide a quicker, low-latency connection for the driver.

  • Long Range Control: outstanding control range up to 2.1 miles on air. (Actually control range depends on the using environment)


  • Quick to Bind and Anti-polarity Protection: no need any setting on transmitter when R9DS bind with radio. With reverse polarity protection circuit, not damage the receiver even you plug wrong polarity.

Please note:

  • 1.R9DS only work with Radiolink transmitter products:AT9S/AT9S Pro/AT9/AT10II/AT10

  • 2.Short push the ID set switch two times within 1 second it can change signal, while the LED change to red, it indicates PWM signal output, the blue/purple LED indicates SBUS signal output.

  • 3.Red light--9 channels PWM signal output.

    Blue light--10 channels SBUS and PMW signal output at the same time.

How to Match Code With Transmitter:

  • 1. Place the transmitter and the receiver close to each other within 1 meter.

  • 2. Turn on the transmitter, then power on the R9DS.

  • 3. Connect CH3 of R9DS to ESC.

  • 4.There is a black button on the R9DS, use a thin stick or pen press the binding button in one second until the receiver light starts blinking and release, after about 8 times blinking,match code success when receiver signal LED always on.

SBUS and PWM signal change:

  • Short press the ID SET switch two times within 1 second, the signal is changed from normal

  • PWM to SBUS. The red LED indicates the normal PWM and blue/purple LED indicates SBUS signal

Two signal working mode:

  • (1)PWM signal output working mode:red LED indicates PWM signal output, 9 channels Totally.

  • (2) SBUS signal output working mode: blue/purple LED indicates SBUS signal output, 10 channels totally.

  • SBUS and PWM signal possible working at the same time with SBUS signal output working mode.

  • CH9 output SBUS signal, the original CH1 output CH3 and original CH2 to CH6 output CH6 to CH10 PWM signal at the same time.

R9DS Receiver Specifications:

  • Signal: SBUS,PWM

  • Channel: PWM 9 channels, SBUS 10 channels

  • Control Distance: 900m on ground,1500m air

  • Working Voltage: 4.8-10V

  • Working Current: 38-45mA(input voltage: 5V)

  • Size: 43*24*15mm

  • Weight: 10g

Package Included:

  • R9DS Receiver x 1