Produsent: RADIOLINK

Radiolink R6F V2 2,4 GHz FHSS mottaker


Channel: 6
Model: Cars/boats
Control Distance: more than 400m
Spread Spectrum: FHSS
Telemetri: Yes
Antenna Length: 200mm
Work Current: 30mA
Power Supply: 3 - 12 Volt DC
DC RF Power: <10dbm
Channel Resolution: 4096
Size: 35*20*13mm
Weight: 6 gram
Compatible transmitter: T8S/T8FB/RC6GS V2/RC4GS V2/RC6GS/RC4GS

Veil. 290,- Ikke medlem: 220,-
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  • Excellent Anti-interference: With pseudo random FHSS algorithm, which makes R6F with excellent anti-interference ability, control distance up to 1300 feet (400 meters).
  • Superb Response: high resolution ratio of 4096, stable signal output to provide a fast response for all 6 channels, suitable for rock crawler, monster, truck, buggy, drifting, etc.
  • Press to Bind: No need bind plug and any radio setting, only press bind button for 1 second after power up radio and receiver.
  • Anti-polarity Safe Protection: With reverse polarity protection circuit, not damage the receiver even you insert wrong polarity. 4.8-10v DC support high voltage servo.
  • Compact Case: Dimension 1.38*0.5*0.78(L x W x H), light weight 0.21oz, it save space effectively and works well for most of rc car receiver's box.
 R6F 6 channels receiver

Radiolink R6F 6 Channels RC Car/Boat Receiver

Pseudo random algorithm FHSS communication technology makes R6F with good performance and excellent anti-interference.

With compact case, small size and light weight for vehicle's box, 4.8-10v DC support high voltage serve, outstanding control range up to 1300 feet(400 meters), it compatible with Radiolink's radio: RC4GS/RC4GS V2/RC6GS/RC6GSV2/T8FB/T8S.