Produsent: TOP RC

TOP RC Hobby Motor Glider 1400MM Gyro PNP


Vingespenn: 1400 mm
Lengde: 980 mm
Vekt: 590 gram
Motor: C2604 1950KV
ESC: 20 amp
Servoer: 4 x 9 grams metal gear
Batteri: 3S11,1V 1300 mAh LiPo - ikke inkludert
Lader: balansert LiPo - ikke inkludert
Radio: min 4 kanal - ikke inkludert
Balanseror: Ja
Aldersgrense: min 14 år uten foreldrestøtte
Ferdighetsnivå: middels - ekspert
Byggetid: mindre enn en time

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SKU: TOP-rc-hobby-motor-glider-1400mm-gyro-pnp

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Denne produsenten setter en helt ny standard når det gjelder EPO modeller. Begrenset antall på lager. Førstemann til mølla gjelder.

The TOP RC T1400 PNP glider is made from high-density EPO material making it durable and lightweight. With a pusher propeller design and great gliding performance, this affordable electric RC glider is perfect for beginners and experienced pilots alike.

The T1400 Electric Glider is the ideal aircraft for beginner through advanced pilots. The stable and efficient airframe delivers a sporty confident feel with a large flight envelope and a low glide gradient. The T1400 can float around in search of a thermal or slope or power slope soar in light airs. The large canopy allows plenty of room to fit FPV gear with easy access. The PNP variant has the added safety of Flight Controller for 1.Bank and pitch angle limitations or 2. Flight stability assist for more stable flight in all conditions.
Featuring a full house with 4 channels you can learn as you mean to go on with no need for a dedicated trainer aircraft. Transportation even when assembled is easy and simple in most small to medium sized cars.

Key Features:

Made from Durable high density EPO material that is strong, lightweight and repairable
Wingspan is 1400mm
Efficient airframe offers excellent glide performance and it will catch a thermal
Powerful brushless motor
Pusher prop design (out harm’s way)
Easy assembly
Large battery compartment
Recommended battery 3S 11.1V 1300mAh battery  
2.4GHz 6-channel Mode  2
6 Axis Flight controller with 2 modes plus disable included..

TOP RC Hobby Motor Glider T1400 1400MM RTF + TOP-Gyro gyroscope

RTF version of the motor glider, the model includes all components necessary for flight such as motor, regulator, servos, battery, charger, transmitter and receiver. On your own, you need to buy 4 AA sticks to power the transmitter.

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- Gyroscope installed
- 3-level flight control assistant
- Ideal for beginner pilots
- Entirely made of durable EPO foam
- Powerful motor size of C2604-1950KV
- Installed brushless motor, ESC and servos
- Simple quick assembly

TOP RC Hobby T1400 is an electric glider, entirely made of durable impact-resistant EPP foam. In the middle of the fuselage, there is a turret with a place to mount an engine with a pushing propeller, thanks to this solution it will not be damaged in the event of unsuccessful landings. The T1400 plane is the perfect choice for beginners and intermediate modellers.


Built-in gyroscope, 3-position flight assistant: 1- manual mode, 2- wind gust assistance mode, 3- full gyroscope mode - auto-leveling.


Entirely made of durable EPO foam.


Wingspan 1.4 m.


A turret with a push-propeller engine.


Simple quick assembly.


Big space for a 1300-2600mAh 3S 11.1V battery.