Produsent: VOLANTEX

Ranger 2400 5 Channel FPV Airplane PNP


Wingspan: 2400mm
Overall Length: 1230mm
Flying Weight: 1.7kg
Prop Size: 10”Propeller
Motor Size: 4023/1050 brushless motor
Speed Control : 40A Switch-mode BEC brushless ESC
Servo 9-gram Servo * 6pcs included
Recommended Battery: 14.8v 2200 - 5000mah lipo - not included
Charger: Balance charger - not included
Flaps: Yes
Retracts: No
Radio: 2.4Ghz min 5-Channels - not included
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Experience Level: Beginners ~ Expert
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Assembly Time: Less than half hour
Is Assembly Required: Yes
Veil. 4.590,- Ikke medlem: 3.990,-
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Helt ny 2,4 meters kvalitets motorglider med ypperlige flyegenskaper perfekt egnet til FPV. Der er meget god plass til både stort kjørebatteri og FPV utstyr. Meget solid kropp av solid plastmateriale. Ypperlige flyegenskaper både som motorglider og glider uten motorkraft. Kan holde seg i luften i timesvis under perfekte flyforhold. Monteres sammen på få minutter. Ingen liming. Lettflydd. Servoer, motor og regulator inkludert og ferdig montert. Modellen er også utstyrt med flaps.

OBS: Leveres med to sett understell. Den ene typen er et hjul montert under kroppen for lavest mulig luftmotstand. Den andre typen er et vanlig solid understell med enormt store hjul slik at modellen både kan ta av og lande på meget ujevnt underlag. Se bilde.

Eneste man trenger i tillegg er sender og mottaker, batteri og lader.

Perfect FPV RC Airplane: 5-channel control rc airplane, multiple-camera-mounting platform make it can mount all kind of camera and easy to shoot at multiple angles that you can have more fun with it

Special Airfoil: Unibody plastic fuselage,durable and will not disintegrate easily as other plane.2.4M wingspan, design for carrying big weight, maximum payload 3kg

Excellent Endurance: Because of the big space in the fuselage for carrying big battery and powerful brushless out-runner motor, it can fly for a long time about 40 Minutes

Quick Assembly: High complete kit easy to assemble, click&plug easy wing mounting system,assembly time less than half hour

Plug And Play: Include all electronic parts of the model, customer needs to purchase the transmitter, receiver, battery, and charger additionally


The Ranger 2400 is a large electric powered pusher glider that has been specifically designed for FPV flying. The enormous fuselage has plenty of room for large capacity or twin battery packs, radio and stabilizer components, FPV equipment, and molded into the front just below the nose is a purpose-made provision for an FPV camera. Also included is the usual Volantex camera mount that can take the place of the black canopy if you wish. Assembly is quick and easy with no glue required, the vertical fin and horizontal stabilizer are simply screwed to the rear of the fuselage. The EPO wings are fitted with a carbon spar for strength and 2 robust metal spars join the wings to the fuselage. Also, each of the large ailerons is reinforced with carbon to eliminate any chance of distortion or twisting. The wings are attached to the fuselage using the popular Volantex fast connect clips, after flying, simply squeeze the clips to release the wings.

The wide, deep fuselage is blow-molded from a tough, rugged, and flexible plastic with plywood formers that will take a lot of punishment, it will bend and flex before breaking. The fuselage includes a pre-installed main wheel in the center or you can fit the supplied optional 2 wheeled landing gear. This strong, robust landing gear has large tundra style wheels which will allow you to do normal take-offs and landings aided by the steerable tailwheel. The EPO horizontal stabilizer and elevator are also reinforced with carbon to improve the strength and stop flutter when flying at higher speeds. The large, wide chord wing of the Ranger 2400 offers a high lifting capacity making it ideal for FPV flying or as a very stable camera platform.

This is the 5 channel PNP version which is supplied with a pre-installed 4023-1050KV brushless motor, pre-installed 40A switch-mode BEC brushless ESC, and 6 pre-installed 9g servos. Also supplied is a complete hardware pack which includes a 10x8 propeller, propeller adaptor with spinner, horns, push-rods, and screws. All the control surfaces are pre-hinged using strong plastic hinges and not foam as with some other models. The Ranger 2400 is a big, strong, rugged, weight lifting airplane that is perfect for FPV flying or as an extremely stable camera platform for aerial photography.


• The perfect high lift platform for FPV flying or aerial photography
• Tough, rugged, blow-molded fuselage with plywood formers
• 2 wing spars and carbon reinforcement for strength
• Wings and tail are made from tough EPO
• Fast connect/disconnect clips for holding the wings to the fuselage
• Wide, 2 wheeled landing gear with large tundra style wheels
• Plug and fly with a pre-installed motor, ESC, and servos