Flycolor 150 Amp vannkjølt fartsregulator


Type: Vannkjølt fartsregulator for båt

Item: Brushless ESC

Continue Current : 150A

Burst Current : 900A

BEC Type : Switching regulator

BEC Output : 5,5 Volt 5 Amp

Power Input : 2-6S LiPo

Weight : 169 gram

Size : 76x56x25mm

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SKU: FlyC150A-bec-water

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Kvalitets vannkjølt fartsregulator (ESC) båt. Regulatoren tåler et kontinuerlig strømtrekk på 150 ampere.

Regulatoren leveres med fortinnede kabler for pålodding av valgfri batterikontakt og motorkontakter.

Passer til Vector SR80 Pro ved bruk av 6S kjørebatteri.

Utmerket for speedbåter helt opp til 1,5 meter.


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Flycolor 150A Brushless ESC Speed Control Stand 2-6S Lipo BEC 5.5V/5A for RC Boat

Great application for the RC boat, design of the special structure with a condenser function to prevent damage components and protection against corrosion.

Professional waterproof technology, excellent performance after a long time in the water.

Driving Efficiency Optimization technology with BEC built in 5A through 8A, better performance, then BEC Asynchronous rectifier.

Powerful powerful, 5 main functional options for selection, meeting level difference requirement.

Easy to operate, same throttle adjustment method for both one-way and bidirectional.

Main features:

Use powerful and high performance MCU. Users can configure the functions as their demand, fully embody Intelligent features. Unique circuit design, strong anti-interference.

water resistant design (Note: if there is water at CES, please dry the water in the connectors).

Start mode can be configured. the quick accelerator response, and has very good linear speed control. Compatible with boat scale and racing boat.

Low voltage protection threshold value can be adjusted.

Built-in BEC switch, large power load with servo, low power dissipation.

multiple protection functions: abnormal voltage protection / low voltage cutout protection, excess thermal protection and protection against accelerator signal loss, making the CES more reliable.

High-performance safety performance: As long as the throttle lever is, the engine does not start immediately.

on thermal protection: when ESC temperature is above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, output power is automatically reduced. When it is less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit output power will return to normal.menu adjustment cycle, simple operation. support adjustment with program box and transmitter. 

Wiring Diagram:

Note: We strongly advise the use of battery connections that do not allow reverse polarity, or ESC

will be damaged. Pls disconnect the battery and ESC, if not use for a long time


Operation instruction: